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A Distinct Identity

Our organization works hard to strengthen and preserve the social fabric of our community. There’s just one thing missing: you. Are you interesting in volunteering for our organization, or are you looking for assistance yourself? Contact us and become part of our community!

Because every hand counts:
Come visit us and see for yourself the sort of work we do. We look forward to seeing you!​

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Ways We Help

The Focus of Our Efforts


Targeted Mobile Patrol

Nieves Ministries Safety Team is available for maximum criminal deterrence at a cost-effective rate, targeted mobile patrols may be your optimal solution.

Fire Watch

For maximum criminal deterrence at a cost effective rate, targeted mobile patrols may be your optimal solution.

Fire Alarm

Parking Enforcement

Our Parking Enforcement Solutions ensure efficient, fair, and secure parking management for both public and private spaces. We specialize in enforcing parking regulations to optimize space usage, reduce congestion, and enhance compliance with local parking laws. Trust us to maintain order and accessibility in your parking areas with professionalism and precision.

Video Surveillance

Nieves Ministries’s guards can provide you with top of the line surveillance systems with cloud real-time response from officers.

Monitoring Room

Community Outreach

Nieves Ministries is a leader in the sector and ensures that local needs and priorities come first. Our Community Outreach program offers a much-desired platform for people who deserve it most. Become a part of a brighter future and join our efforts today.

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Gospel Choir

Nieves Ministries: Dedication and Service with Proven Impact

December 12, 2025

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Local Non-Profit Makes a Splash with Summer Fundraiser

August 9, 2025

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