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Crosswind Church Denver

In collaboration with Crosswind Church, we are dedicated to addressing the fundamental needs of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our unique partnership extends beyond the walls of Crosswind, a vibrant intercultural Christian Church in Metro Denver, as we join forces to provide Bibles to the homeless and offer enriching training programs to the church community. At Nieves & Crosswind, we are deeply engaged in the foundational purposes of our faith, fostering an authentic community that welcomes all. Explore the transformative power of our growing partnership, where compassion, purpose, and the teachings of Christ converge to make a meaningful impact. Come and be a part of our journey towards a more compassionate and interconnected world.


Petco - Gardens of Havana

In collaboration with Petco at the Gardens of Havana Shopping Center, our partnership is fueled by a shared commitment to compassion and care for furry friends. With the support of Petco, we can expand our pet ministry and extend a helping hand to those in need. At Nieves Ministries, we believe that peace is a catalyst for positive change. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to providing essential food and care for dogs and cats in our community, ensuring that no pet goes hungry. Discover the joy of giving back and join us in this heartwarming journey as we strive to create a better world for our four-legged companions. Together with Petco, we are not just feeding animals; we are nourishing the bonds between pets and their families, fostering a sense of community, and spreading the warmth that comes from acts of kindness.



Experience the power of creative collaboration with Nieves Ministries, proudly sponsored by Canva. Through the Canva for Nonprofits program, we are empowered to amplify our mission in extraordinary ways. Unlocking a treasure trove of premium images, videos, music, and graphics, Canva enables us to tell our story with captivating visuals. With the ability to download designs featuring transparent backgrounds, our messaging becomes seamlessly integrated into the digital landscape. Thanks to Canva's upgraded Brand Kit, we can now curate more color palettes and effortlessly upload our own fonts and logos, ensuring our brand identity remains strong and consistent. The revolutionary option to publish designs as brand templates and share them seamlessly with our team enhances our collaborative efforts.



At Nieves Ministries, we understand the importance of streamlined collaboration and effective communication for nonprofit organizations. That's why we're excited to leverage the power of Google Workspace for Nonprofits to enhance our operations and impact. With smart, secure business apps such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet, we're embracing a new era of efficiency.


Facebook Meta

We are grateful for our partnership with Meta to give us a online platform like the Facebook you know and love but just for communication within our organizations



Nieves Ministries proudly announces its strategic partnership with Microsoft, aimed at fortifying organizations with cutting-edge technology solutions. Through this collaboration, Nieves Ministries is dedicated to providing nonprofits with unparalleled access to Microsoft's suite of tools and resources, empowering them to enhance productivity, bolster cybersecurity, and achieve their mission-driven goals. From comprehensive security offerings to productivity-boosting applications like Microsoft 365 and innovative AI-powered solutions such as Microsoft Copilot, this partnership underscores our commitment to equipping nonprofits with the necessary tools to thrive in today's digital landscape. Join us in harnessing the power of technology to make a lasting impact.


Pottery Barn - Lone Tree

Our partnership with pottery barn is another great connection we have, with there help me can help low income families, those with disabilities to get accessories for there house or bedding and much more

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